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The Editions de l’Océan Indien (EOI) is a state-owned company and has been set up in 1977  with the following shareholders: The Government of Mauritius, State Investment Corporation (Mauritius), Macmillan (UK), Longman (UK) and Nathan (France).
Publisher, distributor and importer
Our objective is to publish school textbooks and supporting materials, promote Mauritian publications and supply state-of-the-art educational materials.  We also import a large variety of books from the UK, France, Singapore, India, Morocco etc. and sell them at very competitive prices on the local market.
EOI is a major importer of educational texts, computer books, children’s books and reference materials and tertiary books.  We also import books of general interest which cover a whole gamut of activities from yoga to health, spirituality/religion, beauty, palmistry, self-help, personal development, cookery to travel and tourism.
EOI headquarters is situated at 22 B Marcel Cabon Street, Stanley, Rose Hill and it operates a number of outlets across the island.
We also publish the works of Mauritian authors.  From the coffee-table publications, fully illustrated in colour, to the simple black and white books, we reckon more than 600 titles, excluding textbooks.
 Do you have a manuscript lying somewhere? Join our galaxy of writers.  Contact our Publishing Department at  We can turn it into a very attractive book for you and for thousands of readers in Mauritius and abroad.
As one of the main importers and distributors of books, our objective is also to provide a wide and comprehensive range of dictionaries – from fully-illustrated primary and secondary school ones to thematic and bilingual ones.

We also have a local distribution network of about 100 re-selling points in the islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues for the benefit of Mauritian authors and international publishers.  Our Marketing Team ensures a wide dissemination of information and work for the best interest of our clients.  E-mail them if you would wish to have your products distributed in our network:

Laboratory equipment, chemicals and healthcare

Set up in 1991, this department is regularly supplying laboratory equipment and chemicals to nearly all secondary schools in Mauritius and Rodrigues, the University of Mauritius, the Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Health and other secondary and private institutions. Through our diversified sources of supply, we have brought within the reach of our customers the very best products both in terms of quality and reliability and at very reasonable prices.
We have been successful in establishing strong working business relationships with British, Chinese and Indian suppliers to meet the exigencies of our customers.  Our team is continuously engaged in expanding the range of our products, as well as servicing the requirements of numerous customers in the field of healthcare and medical products where we have secured a few public tenders lately. Contact the department on

ISBN agency

In 1992, EOI was appointed as the official representative by the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Agency, based in London, to set up and co-ordinate the use of the system in Mauritius.  The ISBN is an international organization which aims at numbering every book published anywhere in the world.  Through this number, which is unique for each book, your publication can be identified the world over, thereby facilitating its marketing, both locally and internationally.  The contact for ISBN requests / queries is
International activities
To strengthen our commercial links with foreign publishers and distributors and to remain in touch with the new trends in the publishing industry and keep abreast of the latest technologies and requirements, we participate regularly in international book fairs in Frankfurt, New Delhi, London, Paris, Bologna, Morocco and Cape Town. We also participate in major lab and healthcare exhibitions/fairs in Dubai, Chengdu, etc.
EOI is a member of different regional associations such as APNET (African Publisher’s Network) and the Afro Asian Book Council and also export to the Seychelles, Madagascar, Botswana and Zimbabwe.